“Jimbana Park is a perfect place for bird watchers who will also experience the local culture. Behind photographing the most beautifull bird species such as Red-Bischop, Palm-nut Volture, Whimbrel and many kingfishers you can discover the local culture by visiting a local compound. Jimbana Park is offering an experience, – the real Gambia experience!-“
Ardjan van der B
lonk, Nature photographer, The Netherlands


In October 2012 i visited Jimbana and we got a very warm welcome. We had a long travel, time wise, to Jimbana. Fortunately Yusupha provided us with a cool drink so we were all good. We spent three nights at Jimbana and although the location is simple, they have everything you need. All the personel is also very kind and are always willing to help.

But what is most important is that the real The Gambia is all around you. We were there for nature photography and nearby Jimbana are some of the best locations we have visited. The variety of birds is enormous at Jimbana. A visit to St. James Island or local schools can also be done very easily from Jimbana.

Jasper, The Netherlands


Jimbana Park is a very authentic place , a great place to stay amidst an area teeming with birds and hospitable people. Anyone who stays at Jimbana Park will admit that the atmosphere is real African and that right away everybody feels at home.

CSG De Heemgaard, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands